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Hello all you hornytoads. My name is Sally and yes you can say I
am sleazy. I am into all kinds of kinky, nasty things. I know we will get
along great because most guys love a nasty slut. I love to have a guy take
me right outside in my yard. I live at the back of the trailer park so not
many people can see us. We can just get as nasty as we wanna.

I love it when some new stranger comes down my driveway looking
around like he’s lost. I know I get to put my skills to the test. I wait until
they come to my trailer door asking for directions and I invite them in
and tell them I will be glad to help them. Once they're in my trailer I can
start my seduction. I like to flirt and bend over them as we look at the
map so they can see down my shirt at my tits. I may accidentally let
my hand brush across their lap, hoping to feel their meat. I may drop
something and bend over to pick it up and of course my shorts will
slide up my ass cheeks so they can see my hairy pussy.

I may be outside washing my Jeep in just a T-shirt and panties.
When you approach me you will see my tits thru my shirt and realize
you are in a heap of trouble. Beware, you won't get away from my trailer
until you give me what I want. I have a whole bag full of toys. They range
from Dildos to Butt Plugs. My favorite is my red Double Headed Dildo
that my girlfriends in the park share with me. We have Pussy Parties
where all the girls in the park get together and fuck each other like
rabbits. My favorite girlfriend to play with is Wanda. She’s so much fun,
I love to eat her pussy and fuck her with my Dildo. Boy the stories we
could tell you about this trailer park. Maybe you would like to do a 2-girl
call with Wanda and myself sometime, we will tag team your ass.

I can also be a Little Slut for you as long as you promise to fill my
pussy and ass with your rock hard meat before you leave. I will crawl
across the floor and beg you to let me suck your cock. You won't forget my
Blow Jobs anytime soon. I will take my Teeth out and suck you dry. You
can find my number on most public bathroom walls close by. So next time
you're in there, take a look and give me a jingle. If your wife won't give
you any pussy, just ask around my town and they will point you towards
my house and you will get all the nasty wet pussy here that you need,
and then you can return home to your Frigid old lady.

So if you're feeling you're in need of a wild, nasty time, give Sally a
jingle. I’m usually at the trailer from 11 am to around midnight pacific
time. If I’m not home, then I’m up town looking for some dick.

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