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Oooh, did I just catch you peekin’ through the
screen door of my trailer? You know, no one fucks as good
and as dirty as a white trash trailer whore like me, and I can’t
wait to prove it! My boyfriend’s a biker, but he’s out riding
his bike as usual – damn, he’d rather ride that big hunk
of metal than ride my tight ass! He must be gay or somethin’,
out fuckin’ around with his badass biker boys when he
should be home fuckin’ all my holes! Damn!
I need some cock, and I ain’t lyin’!

Why don’t you get your fine ass on in
this here trailer and fuck me up against these
flimsy-ass walls? Maybe we’ll get lucky and you’ll fuck me
so hard we’ll break on through to the other side! I want you
to grab my hair and force my mouth down on that big
dick of yours, and then slap me around a little before you flip
me over and fuck me in the ass, and then shove that cock back
in my mouth and force me to clean it off for you real good!

I need a man who can act like a man and pummel
my pussy and trailer trash ass until the cows come home!
I know you’ll do it right, darlin’ – I can tell just by lookin’ at
you I’ll be walkin’ bowlegged at Wal-Mart for the next
week! OOOH-WEEE! Make me squeal like your trailer trash
piglet, Daddy! Make me beg for it, Daddy! Show me
how you like to fuck me! I’m all wet and
creamy just waitin’ for you!





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