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Hello all you bad boys and horny men. My name is Wilma and I am a big
trailer Slut. I enjoy sex of all kinds. I am also a nature lover. I love to get on my knees
out in the woods behind my trailer and suck on a big dick. Little dicks are ok too.
I dont mind getting my knees dirty. heehee. I take my toys in the woods all the time
and play with my pussy hoping that someone will see me.

The trailer park is close by the main road that runs thru town and we get
a lot of traffic. So I like to take the chance that one of those horny guys will see me
naked out there and stop by to see if they can help me. I love sucking a strangers
dick and looking up at his face when he shoots a load of jizz all over my face.
Maybe they will have their wife with them and I can lick her pussy
while he fucks my tight pussy hole.

I love women also, they are so soft and smell so good. Many of my
girlfriends in the trailer park and myself get together for friday night pussy
parties. We love to break open a bottle of cheap wine and eat some bbq
and then pull out the ole sleeper sofa. We play for hours into the
wee morning until the rooster crows. Then we all know we
better head back to our own trailers to get some sleep.

I really have a good time when I can get some young stud
to ask me to buy him some beer, then we cum back to my place to catch
a buzz, and I know before the night is over I will have a piece of
hot new meat. So if you up for some hot nasty fun,
come on by my trailer.

I am at the place from noon to midnight (unless I'm
at the girls for some fun) ...
My number is 1-866-360-9794


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